Tools for remote discussions

Remote discussions

It is up to each individual group to work out the best way to coordinate between its members. Students currently find themselves in a wide variety of circumstances, so what works for one group may not work for another. Groups must find a way to communicate that accommodates the needs of all of their members. (If you are having trouble accommodating everyone, please contact me so we can try to find a solution.)

The purpose of this page is to list a few tools that might be useful for students and groups in different circumstances. It is nowhere near exhaustive, but I hope it will be of some use. Some things to keep in mind as you discuss alternatives with your group members:

Video meetings

The following free tools provide live video/audio chat.

Automatic transcription

These tools do a (relatively) good job of creating automatic transcriptions of video and audio recordings. This can be useful to make your meetings more accessible and to create a searchable record of the meetings.

Text chat

There are many, many tools for text communication. A couple of good, free, feature-rich options are: